Church Staff

Church Staff - Call Church Office @ 419-365-5582 For Contact Information
Altar Committee - Terri Metzger
Worship Committee - Lou Ann Cousino
Women's Council Representative - Daphne Bower
Sewing - Barb Slough
Kitchen Committee - Jane Borkosky
Youth Advisors - Mark/Lori Russell
5th Quarter - Mark Newman
Teen Breakfast - Church Office
Budget Committee - Jan Ruppright
Staff Support - Brian Hurt
Organist/Pianist - Lou Ann Cousino
Organist/Pianist - Pam McCloud
Organist/Pianist - Brent Beggs
Choir/Bell Director - Dan Basinger
Newsletter - Joanne Marquart
Recycling - Church Office

Council MembersTerm End Date:
Brian Hurt - President12/2018
Roger Bower - Vice President12/2017
Jackie Johnson - Secretary12/2017
Jan Ruppright - Financial Secretary12/2018
Greg Glick - Treasurer12/2017
Stephanie Beach - Parish Ed Representative12/2017
Daphne Bower - Board Of Women12/2017
Claire Bateson - Board Of Youth12/2017
Dave Rossman - Board Of Trustees12/2017
Jane Borkosky - Board Of Elders12/2017
Joanne Marquart - Board Of Elders12/2018
Sean Crossmon - Board Of Deacons12/2017

Board Of Trustees MembersTerm End Date:
Tom Bateson12/2017
John Steinman12/2017
Mike Fenstermaker12/2018
Mark Newman12/2018
Gregg Feller12/2019
Andrew Glick12/2019

Board Of Deacons MembersTerm End Date:
Paul Banner12/2017
Bob Marquart12/2017
Jerry Ruppright12/2017
Sean Crossmon12/2018
Andy Heacock12/2018
Jacob Ramsey12/2018

Synod Assembly RepresentativesTerm End Date:
Patti Strasbaugh & Rob Strasbaugh12/2017

Parish Education BoardTerm End Date:
Stephanie Beach - Superintendent12/2017
Beth Wallwey - Assistant Superintendent12/2017
Amy Bower - Secretary12/2017
Amy Glick - Treasurer12/2017
Julie Banner - Member12/2018
Jill Seitz - Member12/2018
Katie Crossmon - Member12/2017
Amy Hurt - Member12/2017

Preschool BoardTerm End Date:
Michelle Palmer - Administrator-----
Diane Mains - Administrator-----
Jo Rettig - Member12/2018
Lou Ann Nagy - Member12/2018
Kari Hough - Member12/2018
Nancy Heacock - Member12/2017
John Davis - Member12/2017